Dynamic subsetting, a patented technology from Monotype, enables content developers to improve Web page and application performance when using Web fonts. Developed initially to reduce load times for Chinese, Japanese and Korean fonts, dynamic subsetting allows all Web fonts to load faster – even when delivered to mobile devices over mobile networks.

How it works

East Asian writing systems such as Chinese, Japanese and Korean typically have far more characters than Latin and even many non-Latin writing systems. As a result, Web font files can be as large as 50MB, slowing page load times and impacting the processing speed of a device.

Dynamic subsetting automatically detects and instantly delivers Web fonts that contain only the characters that are needed on a specific Web page or Web application. The cached font files that might otherwise be required to hold thousands of characters now only require a few hundred. Instead of displaying a font that may be tens of MBs in size, the cached font files are less than 200KBs, allowing valuable CPU power to be allocated elsewhere.

Although dynamic subsetting is most advantageous when using fonts with larger character sets, Web pages and applications using most Latin fonts will also see speed and performance improvements.

Dynamic subsetting is a unique tool that’s provided only by Monotype to enhance Web font performance, while enhancing Web pages and applications with branded fonts.

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